Ahh, vacation is over.  That was fast.

At the very last minute, (I’m talking booked a condo at 5pm, packed, got ready, left the house at 8pm) we (Mac, Cooper, and myself) decided to go to Florida.  Destination: Panama City Beach.


We drove around 5 hours that night.  We stopped at around 5 exits before Birmingham, Alabama to find a hotel for the night, but no such luck!  We ended up driving 25 miles past Birmingham before we found a hotel.  There was some type of ball tournament in the area that had hotels BOOKED.  We finally laid our heads down around 2am in Alabaster, AL.


Next morning, we hopped up outta bed and headed straight for the Waffle House.  We don’t travel without at least one stop at the Waffle House.  Walmart was our next stop and then back on I-65 towards Florida.

We arrived around 2:30pm! WOOHOO!  At our home away from home. Thanks to Joe at Panhandle Getaways for giving us a good deal!

Our 4 nights and 5 days at the beach were pretty awesome!  The morning we were to head home, it was storming, but other than that the weather was perfect.


Cooper loved riding on the golf cart down the streets of PCB!

All of the food was amazing!  We ate at Harpoon Harry’s, Pineapple Willy’s, Another Broken Egg Café, Whataburger, Waffle House…. and lots of ham sandwiches!

Cooper squalled a lot of the way there and back, but nothing we couldn’t handle 😉  Our DVD player died 70 miles before we got to Panama, so that was one of the first purchases on our list.

FLMacCoopAshSee ya next year beach!!  Or maybe not!!


The One MUST HAVE Item For Your Hospital Bag

Have you ever heard of that John Wayne toilet paper?

You know, the kind that don’t take crap off nobody?!  (ha, ha, ha…. ha.)

Well, that is what the hospital had waiting for me when I went in to have a baby.

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MUST HAVE item to pack in hospital bag no one tells you about

I made a quick mental note and decided the number ONE must have item that will go in my hospital bag from now until forever will be my own toilet paper.  My personal choice:  Cottonelle.

MUST HAVE item for hospital bagimage via

If you’re going to be stuck in the hospital for a few days, you might as well be comfortable, right?

What else should you pack in your hospital bag if you’re going in to have a baby?
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Cooper – 2 months

Oh baby Cooper!
TWO months!
14 lbs. – nearly 25 inches longCooper Depp - 2 monthsCoopy, you gained THREE pounds in a month!  Mama and Daddy are feeding you good!
Those chins sure are hard to clean in under. 🙂
All your baby hair fell out and it’s growing back in dark.
Your eyes are looking pretty dark, but still not sure what color they will be officially.
You love going to Ma’s (babysitter) house and spending the day with her and Colton.  That big smile you give them when you see them makes me feel so good when leaving you behind.
These overalls you have on (0/3 months) are from Kelly Jo and you were about to outgrow them so we had to get your picture in them.

Cooper Depp - 2 monthsGood thing you had taken about a 10 minute nap before we took these pictures.  You cooperated a littttttle bit!
Those little thumbs are still in your fists, but we’re working on it.  You are gripping tight with your right hand, but not as hard with your left.  You will get there!

Cooper Depp - 2 months

Your daddy looks at you like I’ve never seen him look at anything… besides a vehicle or 4wheeler he likes (haha, you will understand this one day).  You look at him just the same.  Just look at this picture ^^.
Keep growing boy!  We have lots of adventures in our future!