Sunday Funday?!

Sunday Funday?!  Not so much!

I received a phone call today from my Nanny around 12:00 and she told me that my parents vehicle was engulfed in flames…  when I got there, the first thing my dad said was “Are you going to put this on your blog?”  I was like “YEAH!!!”  How could I not blog about this?

It took about an hour to get the flames completely out.  Gas kept rolling into the road and catching on fire, while the firefighters were trying to push it back towards the Expedition.  They finally got the big flames under control and then the small ones started underneath it. 

Check out the end result!! 

They only had one thing to survive the fire…  their Roush Racing license plate that they had got at a Nascar race several years ago!

Thank you so much to the Summer Shade Fire Department and the Marrowbone Fire Department for everything that you did!!!  Thankfully Mama & Daddy made it out okay =) 

Now, what about that for a Sunday Funday??!!


I am so in LOVE with this baby beanie I finished today!  The lil’ button just makes me smile =)

(Pattern credit: CrochetSpot)


And….. while I was cooking supper tonight, I looked outside and seen this:  My Two Cute Boys!

Have a good weekend!

Jewelry, feet soaking, & lots more!

Hello again!  How was everyone’s Wednesday??  Well, mine was pretty adventurous, all thanks to my Nanny!  But more about that in a minute…

Check out all the boxes of jewelry I got for having a Premier Jewelry party and all I had to pay was shipping and tax!  I’m sure you are wondering “what’s inside these boxes?”  Well, I can tell you it’s lots of pretty necklaces and earrings.  If you’d like to know how you can get lots of jewelry like this, please contact my friend, Megan Acree,  She will be glad to answer any questions you may have or even book a party for you!

Look what Megan gave me just for having a party … I LOVE this ring, it’s super cute & it will fit any size finger, even my size 4 ring finger! 

Guess you are wondering about this adventure I had today, huh?!  Well……….. I got my “feet soaked”.  My Nanny (Mary Hammer, for those who don’t know her) had me to order her a Detox Spa which you soak your feet in for 30 minutes and it rids your body of toxins and such.  Today on my lunch I went and tried it out to see what kind of toxins I had in my body.  I really debated on showing these pictures on here, but, hey, I thought it was pretty interesting so maybe you will too!

This is after the first couple minutes of soaking.

After about 10 minutes.

And 30 minutes later.        GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!

Now after seeing that nastiness, how about seeing some PRETTYNESS?! (is that even a word?!)

(Pattern credit: Crochet Spot)

Here we have Kelly Jo modeling this cute lil’ brown beanie, aren’t they gorgeous!!!! Oh, and I can’t forget Maddie in the background picture.  She will be making her way to my blog soon!   I’m debating on making more of these to sell, any suggestions on colors?  

I’m going to close this blog out with a special birthday gift that I made for a special Mama.  It took me a while to get it finished, this was my first scarf after all. I think it turned out pretty nice if I do say so myself =)
(Pattern credit: Lion Brand)

Until next time!