Hey guys!  What’s everyone up to on this B-E-A-UTIFUL Saturday?!  The weather is so nice here today and I’m getting to do something I love to do on a pretty day like this.  No, not the laundry part… Hanging my clothes on the line!!! 

If you know me, then you know I have become a pretty “cheap” person since not living under Mama & Daddy’s roof.  I love anything that helps save on the electric bill and this is one of them!  My clothes line is very.. umm.. redneck!  It’s weedeater string tied between two trees, but it works like any regular clothes line.  It doesn’t hold that many clothes, but that’s okay because it gets the job done!

Brutus is loving this day too!  Take a peak at him.  Sorry the picture has a glare… I didn’t want to wake him so I had to sneak and take it from inside.

Isn’t he so cute?!

So, wonder if I’ve been crocheting anything lately?!  Well, of course I have!  I don’t like to go a day without crocheting … (except I am having to give it a break today because of a cyst that has come up on my wrist…. the boyfriend says if I take a break today, then he will take me out to eat some where.. and well, if you know me.. then you know I looooove to eat 🙂 LOL)

Look at this scarf I made.. it’s called a potato chip scarf and I think it’s soooo cute!  Christmas presents?! I THINK SO!!!  (Yeah, Hali (the sister), this is what you are getting for Christmas!)

(Pattern credit:  Lion Brand)
(Modeling by Kelly Jo… I might have to start paying her to model…)

I am currently working on another scarf like this for a special friend of mine.  Hopefully I’ll finish it up this weekend and you will see them strutting their stuff with it on next week here on my blog.  Don’t forget to come back and check it out!! 

And I can’t forget, I have a new follower to welcome… MS. BRIDGET BARTLEY!  Thanks for following … and I believe we will be celebrating her birthday this week 🙂 🙂 🙂

Happy Saturday to ya!


Old fart, young heart

Who says 40 is old?!  Not this girl!!!  Today is one of my co-worker’s 40th birthday and we celebrated!!  It all started off with some surprise decorations in the office.  Courtesy of Kelly Jo and myself.

Then, we had an AWESOME trip to Little Taste of Texas for lunch, courtesy of our boss.  THANKS BOSS!!!  We absolutely love that place!  After the huge meal, Erica got to bring a desert back to the office and it was OFF THE CHAIN!  Snicker Pie!

And then look what the boss brought in!!!

Overall, I think 40 was pretty great for this girl!!  She sure doesn’t look a day over 29, does she?! 


Shortest post EVER!

Hey guys!  Just wanted to make a quick post and let you see the cute beanie I finished up today.  It now has a new owner, Ms. Tatum Hensley!! I heard she rocked it all the way home today. 

(Pattern credit: CrochetSpot)

Also, need to give some shoutouts to my newest followers:  DAPERFECTMIX (Check out her blog!), ANGELA, DANNY, & HANNAH!!  THANKS so much guys for following my blog =)   I’m also loving the comments too!!