Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Man, do 3 day weekends fly by!  It’s my lucky week though because I took off this Friday, which means another 3 day weekend!!  And only a 3 day work week for me. =D
We had a perfect weekend weather wise here in South Central KY! 
I wish it could stay like this, but I’m afraid it’s fixing to turn hot, hot, hot and humid! 
Oh well, bring on the hot weather! 
How about a little peak into my weekend? 
I’ll go ahead and warn you, there are lots of Dale Hollow Lake pictures!
Saturday, I made my first donation to Goodwill and it felt so good! 
I’m ready to start sacking up some more junk stuff.
Trip to Goodwill

Sunday was spent at Dale Hollow Lake with my family and friends! 
It started out a little chilly, but ended up being an awesome day. 
I even got a little sun burn on my face and arms.  Come on wedding tan!
This picture was taken at 9am as I was waiting on my parents to pick me up.

                                     Dale Hollow Lake - Hendricks Creek Resort

After I made a phone call to my Mama, they finally arrived. 
My sister and her little family were running late so they just forgot about lil’ ol’ me I guess.
They owe me an Outback meal for making me wait so long….
okay, a grilled hamburger and cheese potatoes will do!

Baja Runabout - Dale Hollow Lake

Carter was pumped up to get into his new-to-him lifejacket! 

Granny and Pa bought Carter a new lake toy.
He loved it and I’m pretty sure the adults were having just as much fun with it!
Pa and Carter

Maybe I’m a bad aunt for taking pictures of my nephew falling in the lake, but it was just too cute not to!

Carter driving Pa’s boat.  He would do just like Pa (turning the wheel, pushing the gas). 

View from the shore. 
Dale Hollow Lake

Selfie. 🙂 
I look naked, but I had a maxi dress on. Lol!
 Memorial Day Weekend drink of choice! 
Good ol’ Coca Cola!

Memorial Day Drink Of Choice Coca Cola

Gettin’ my tan on – woo! Along with some reading.
Bread & Wine book – c/o BookSneeze

Bread and Wine c/o BookSneeze

All the girls with their Mama’s!
Mamas with their babies
Monday was spent doing house cleaning, laundry, and painting.
I’m putting a fresh coat of white paint around my windows’ trim.
It’s looking pretty fab too!

Rustoleum Paint Satin White

I hope you’re weekend was just as awesome! 

Dale Hollow Lake Most Beautiful Lake

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Counting Down To The Weekend!

Am I the only one who has been waiting for this 3 day weekend to start off summer for months or what??
I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one!  Especially after seeing tons of countdowns on Twitter.
I’m down to 2 hours and 45 minutes if you want to get technical about it, haha!
I’ve got a list of plans running through my head.
Haul some things to Goodwill, add a fresh coat of white paint to some trim, a little bit of house cleaning, lots of outside time, and maybe a trip to the most beautiful place on earth, Dale Hollow Lake.
Beautiful Dale Hollow Lake
What’s ya’lls plans for this weekend?
Happy Memorial Day on Monday 🙂
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Comfort Food At It’s Best – Horseshoe Casino Trip

Horseshoe Casino in Southern Indiana had some awesome food! 
Some of the best comfort food I’ve had!
They have several places to choose from, like JB’s Cafe in the casino, 
Jack Binion’s Steakhouse, and Graeter’s Ice Cream for dessert. 
We only ate at two of the restaurant’s and one of them left a long lasting impression!
Read on to find out which one. 🙂   Go here to see more of the casino.
Our first meal was room service!  
I’m usually not a big fan of room service, but this pizza could compete with 
Papa John’s and Pizza Hut any day.  It was worth the $15.00 that it cost.  
Not to mention they had it delivered to the room within 15 minutes. 

Room Service Pizza Horseshoe Casino Southern Indiana

Supper on Friday night was at Legend’s. 
The food tasted really good and the service was fast! 
I’d compare it to a Longhorn Steakhouse.  
When you’re seated, you’re served some warm rolls with butter. 
{One of my favorite parts of restaurants :)}
Mac had the grilled pork chops and mashed potatoes.  
He said they were the BEST grilled pork chops he had ever eaten!
Legends Steakhouse Horseshoe Casino Southern Indiana

Surprise!  I had the cheeseburger and fries! 
Love those steak fries – the burger was decent.
I’ve definitely tasted better and well, if you know me, you know I’m close to a burger expert,
right behind my daddy.

Legends Steakhouse Horseshoe Casino Southern Indiana

Saturday morning was brunch at Paula Deen Buffet!
Wow!  If there’s one place I want to eat again, it’s this place!
Best comfort food around!
They had everything for brunch.  From breakfast food to lunch food.
Gravy and biscuits to meatloaf and macaroni and cheese. 
Gosh, my mouth is watering just typing this.

Paula Deen Buffet Horseshoe Casino Southern Indiana
My breakfast,
Paula Deen Buffet Brunch Horseshoe Casino Southern Indiana

Mac’s breakfast,
Paula Deen Buffet Brunch Horseshoe Casino Southern Indiana

and then we shared this.
Paula Deen Buffet Brunch Horseshoe Casino Southern Indiana
We loved Paula Deen Buffet so much, we went back for supper on Saturday night!
They had EVERYTHING!  Steak, ribs, lasagna, oyster bar, salad bar, desserts galore!
I could go on and on.
This was my first plate: sirloin steak, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, and corn on the cob.
The macaroni and cheese is THE BEST!
And look at those cute paper doilies.
Paula Deen Buffet Supper Horseshoe Casino Southern Indiana
This was my second plate: lasagna and more corn on the cob.
Ah, so good!
Paula Deen Buffet Supper Horseshoe Casino Southern Indiana
I was so immersed in my food I didn’t even take any of Mac’s.
He had like 3 plates and two desserts.
He raved over the pecan pie and soft serve ice cream.
If there’s one thing we took away from this trip, it was two full belly’s!
It sure wasn’t any money. 🙂
A few pics from our gambling adventure.
Gambling Horseshoe Casino Southern Indiana
{ask Mac to take my picture putting my first dollar in and he gets my hands! 
wish you could have seen my face, lol!}

Gambling Winning Horseshoe Casino Southern Indiana

First casino, first dollar in, and I win $10!
That’s when I knew I was hooked!

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