Mini Toddler Spring Break to Louisville Zoo

The first week of April we took a “mini toddler Spring Break” trip to the Louisville Zoo! Cooper loved it.  He kept pointing at all the animals.  It was pretty windy on the day we went and it was supposed to rain, so there was absolutely no crowd.  It was perfect!

Louisville ZooI was shocked to see the giraffe inside.  I thought for sure he would be outside roaming around.

Louisville Zoo

Louisville ZooThe tiger got super close to us!  She (I only know this because someone who worked there told us it was the female) came down to the glass window and peed on it right in front of us!

Louisville Zoo

Louisville ZooWe are so good at taking family photos of ourselves lol!

Louisville ZooThe orangutan’s were my favorite!  When they look at you, it’s like a real human looking back at you.  This one sit right next to the glass and the others were swinging on the branches and looking back at us to see if we were watching them.  It was so funny!

Louisville ZooThe Zoo exhausted this little dude.  He was asleep not even two miles down the road!


Ahh, vacation is over.  That was fast.

At the very last minute, (I’m talking booked a condo at 5pm, packed, got ready, left the house at 8pm) we (Mac, Cooper, and myself) decided to go to Florida.  Destination: Panama City Beach.


We drove around 5 hours that night.  We stopped at around 5 exits before Birmingham, Alabama to find a hotel for the night, but no such luck!  We ended up driving 25 miles past Birmingham before we found a hotel.  There was some type of ball tournament in the area that had hotels BOOKED.  We finally laid our heads down around 2am in Alabaster, AL.


Next morning, we hopped up outta bed and headed straight for the Waffle House.  We don’t travel without at least one stop at the Waffle House.  Walmart was our next stop and then back on I-65 towards Florida.

We arrived around 2:30pm! WOOHOO!  At our home away from home. Thanks to Joe at Panhandle Getaways for giving us a good deal!

Our 4 nights and 5 days at the beach were pretty awesome!  The morning we were to head home, it was storming, but other than that the weather was perfect.


Cooper loved riding on the golf cart down the streets of PCB!

All of the food was amazing!  We ate at Harpoon Harry’s, Pineapple Willy’s, Another Broken Egg Café, Whataburger, Waffle House…. and lots of ham sandwiches!

Cooper squalled a lot of the way there and back, but nothing we couldn’t handle 😉  Our DVD player died 70 miles before we got to Panama, so that was one of the first purchases on our list.

FLMacCoopAshSee ya next year beach!!  Or maybe not!!


Crockett’s Breakfast Camp – The Best Breakfast You Will Eat In Gatlinburg, TN

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While in Gatlinburg on our baby moon, we ate the BEST breakfast ever!  Twice!  It’s the best kept secret on the strip!

Crockett’s Breakfast Camp.
Crockett's Breakfast Camp - Gatlinburg, TN

The seating reminded me of a picnic table.  I loved how big the table and benches were.  The menu was inside this old timey newspaper, which you could take home with you.

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Crockett's Breakfast Camp - Gatlinburg, TNThis wall is really cool because when you are looking at it, you don’t really notice it spells anything, but when you put your camera up to it, you can see the word Crockett spelled out.

Crockett's Breakfast Camp - Gatlinburg, TN

I’m so in love with the mason jar lighting over the tables and the mason jar salt and pepper shakers.  Oh, and they had the best Coke!
Crockett's Breakfast Camp - Gatlinburg, TN

We ate the MOST AMAZING french toast!  It’s the Crockett’s Thick French Toast.  We also had the Hunt Camp Potatoes, a biscuit with a small bowl of gravy, pecan smoked bacon, farm fresh scrambled eggs, and toast.

Crockett's Breakfast Camp - Gatlinburg, TN

Mac enjoyed his coffee, while making me some love art. 🙂

Crockett's Breakfast Camp - Gatlinburg, TN

The decor and the hospitality absolutely made this place!  Does this ride remind you of the Beverly Hillbillies?

Crockett's Breakfast Camp - Gatlinburg, TN

This store front looks so real!
Crockett's Breakfast Camp - Gatlinburg, TN

If you’ve never been to Crockett’s Breakfast Camp, you are definitely missing out!  Every time we go to the Smoky Mountains from now on, I will be requesting it!

best breakfast in gatlinburg