5 Things That Make Me Happy

Hey there Monday!
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Since I do have some newbies following along, how about a post that shows a few things that make me happy.  To find out more about me, go here.

1. Carter – my nephew and 2. Mac – my husband.  We are trying to get Carter to wear his big boy underwear, but he hates them!  So right now we are just wearing them on our heads and trying to make them fun.

Carter Likes His Underwear On His Head


3.  Outback Steakhouse Cheese Fries – no picture necessary!  They are the best!!

4.  Dale Hollow Lake.  I’m so ready for some warm sunshine on my skin.

Dale Hollow Lake

5.  Donuts!

The Best Donut


Thanksgiving 2013

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is over and we are now gearing up for Christmas!  My Thanksgiving was spent eating tons of food, family time, and staying up real late and sleeping in even later.  It was Heaven.  🙂

When I ask Mac how his Thanksgiving was, he said perfect!  I have to agree, it was.  Here’s to our first Thanksgiving as an ol’ married couple!

ashleenikol thanksgiving 2013



Sunday Night Reflections

It’s thundering and lightning as I sit here and type my blog post tonight.  {Sunday night}  I was kinda in a cranky mood until I sit here and started thinking about what I wanted to write for my blog post.  I pulled up some pics from the weekend on my phone and they instantly brought a smile to my face.  I like to call this Sunday night reflections!

Carter spent the night on Friday.  We are loving having him stay over!  He’s so funny.  He wants to do exactly what Mac does.  I posted a video on Instagram of him trying to toss his gold fish in the air and catch them in his mouth like Mac was.  It’s so cute!  I think we have started a new ritual with Carter… we wake up the next morning and go eat at The Best Donut shop in Glasgow.  It is no lie THE BEST DONUT shop!  He talks about d-nuts {donuts} constantly while he’s here.  He also talked a lot about Claus {Santa}.  He’s reallllly excited for Christmas!

Sunday Night Reflections

On Saturday, I spent the day with Mac.  We ended up going to help a friend hang some of his animals – think deer heads, but wayyy bigger.  I’ll spare you the picture, but some of them were really cool.  Afterwards we hit up the Cracker Barrel, dumplins yummmm!

Sunday has been pretty low key.  I went to the grocery store in the pouring rain this morning.  That’s probably what started my cranky mood.  The rest of my day was spent cleaning house, laundry, cooking, and cleaning more house.  Ugh, neverending.