Toddler Mode

Happy New Year!

Hi, hello, how are you? ¬†I know it’s been a while since I’ve wrote on my little space of the internet and this year I hope to show up here a lot more. ūüôā

So, a quick life update: we are in full blown TODDLER mode!


one year photo by Samantha Isenberg Photography

We blinked and this wild and crazy one year old showed up.  Every day is a new adventure around here.

Cooper has no fear these days. ¬†He’s currently into styrofoam sword fighting and shooting guns. ¬†Uh, toy guns. ¬†I have no doubt in my mind that this little boy is going to cause me lots of gray hairs!

Which leads me to the KidzStuff First Aid Kit.

KidzStuff First Aid Kit

I was so excited when I was offered a chance to review the KidzStuff First Aid Kit! ¬†The first thing that came to my mind was “yup, I’m going to be needing this!”

The KidzStuff First Aid Kit is a 94 piece kit that was designed perfectly by pediatricians. ¬†As we were looking through it, Mac couldn’t quit talking about all the cool stuff in it. ¬†Bandages, burn cream, sting relief wipes… the list goes on! ¬†Those sting relief wipes will be so handy this summer because I’m sure we will have a barefooted boy out running in the grass.

Not only is it filled with the best of the best, it’s the most convenient size. ¬†It’s easy to carry and would fit in your diaper bag or maybe even the glove compartment of your vehicle. ¬†And it’s not just for toddler’s, it’s for all ages!

The awesome people from KidzStuff are currently offering a 20% off coupon code: blogab
20% off coupon code valid for the purchase of a first aid kit. Offer expires on March 31, 2017.

KidzStuff First Aid Kit

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I was given this free product and this is my honest opinion.

Tired Mom Holiday Gift Guide

This gift guide is for all those looking for the perfect gift for that tired mom in your life. ¬†The only thing missing from the picture: a babysitter. ūüėČ

Tired Mom Holiday Gift Guide


  1. Keurig // Coffee. Tea. Hot chocolate. All that tired mom wants is at least one cup she doesn’t have to reheat ten times. The Keurig is perfect for that “just one cup”.
  2. Bath bomb // Heaven in the tub. These bath bombs are so relaxing and make your skin feel like butter. Perfect for the tired mom.
  3. Foot spa // When you want a peaceful night in, why not use your own foot spa for a soak and a massage?
  4. Robe // A soft, fluffy robe. Enough said.

    What gift ideas do you have for a tired mom?

Confessions of a Carmex Addict

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Hi, I’m Ashlee… and I’m a Carmex addict. I’m not afraid to say it. You may be suffering from this addiction as well.

Confessions of a Carmex Addict

You may be a Carmex addict if:

You have more than two.
I legit have four tubes in my purse and I always make sure Mac has one in his pocket.

Your lips no longer tingle after you apply it.
It’s been years since I’ve felt that awesome Carmex tingle on my lips.

You put¬†it on SO often, you don’t even realize you’re putting it on.
Guilty. Before I eat, after I eat. Before I shower, after I shower. Before bed, when I wake up!

Is there such thing as Carmex Anonymous … because I need it!

What’s your favorite lip product?