It’s Ok Thursday – First Timer

This morning while I was picking out my clothes for work, I decided I was going to try a new link up today.
A few other blogs that I follow link up there every Thursday, but that’s not what made me decide to do it!
Its Ok Thursdays
On Thursday’s we try to dress a little nicer for work because we have court that morning.  On this particular morning, we didn’t have much on the docket, so we decided not to go all out on dressing up!  As I stood there looking at my clothes, I only had one pair of khaki’s for the week and they just didn’t match the top/cardigan I had already picked out so I decided that …..
it’s okay to wear the same pair of khaki’s TWO days in a row! 🙂 LOL!  It’s not like they’re dirty.  I just sit in a chair for 8 hours with them on.
It’s also okay that:
– I ate an entire order of single cheese sticks from Pizza Hut yesterday and did not exercise.
– I had a Mello Yello for supper last night.
– that I don’t want to exercise any today.  Lazy girl, right here.
– I dream way too much.  As in dream about my future.
– sleep in on days off, which will be happening tomorrow!
I might have to do this link up again. 
I am so relieved after telling ya’ll that I ate all those cheese sticks 🙂
oh, and wore the same pants two days in a row.
Does anyone else do this besides me?!?
Do you pray no one will notice?


Saturday Night Date


On Saturday night, I scheduled a date with the most amazing ……. razor!
The Schick Hydro Silk razor that is! 

I had no idea what I was missing out on by buying the el cheapo disposable razors.
Luckily, after signing up with BzzAgent and taking the surveys, 
they decided I needed to try this thing out FOR FREE
Yup, free folks! 
This razor has FIVE blades giving a super close shave. 
The water activated moisturizing serum below the blades works like a dream.
My legs were feeling so super soft and it actually makes shaving not feel like such a chore.
Another favorite thing that came with this razor was the suction cup hanger so you can hang the razor up on the shower wall.  You sure won’t get one of those with a box of disposables!!
I’d definitely recommend this razor.  
It may be a little pricey in the store {I’ve not checked the price on it}, 
but in my opinion it would totally be worth it!
Do you use the el cheapo razors like I did?
Would you like a $5.00 off coupon for one of these?
I have a few I’d love to hand out! 

**BzzAgent provided me with this product, but all opinions and writing are my own.**