5 Things You Shouldn’t Waste Money On For Newborns

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I’m still on that new mom high.
I became a new mom this summer – July, 2015.  I was the typical new mom, wanting to buy every sparkly thing that popped up on a television commercial for a newborn or thinking I had to have a fancy, high priced gadget a “famous” mom blogger was given using.  Now that I’m three months in to this whole newborn gig, I’ve learned a few things that I would advise new parents and gift buyers NOT to waste your money on.

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Check out the 5 things you shouldn’t waste money on for newborns, below.

5 Things Not To Waste Money On For A Newbornimage via // edited by me

  1. Plastic bathtub.
    Have you tried to store one of these things?  It doesn’t fold up.  It holds water, unless you spend 15 minutes wiping it down and soaking the water up with a towel.  It’s bulky and does not fit good in my sink.  My favorite choice for the bathtub is the mesh fold ‘n’ store tub.  The mesh dries quick and then I fold it up and put it in the closet.
  2. Newborn Outfits.
    This one can be kind of iffy.  You really have no idea how big your baby is going to be or how fast they are going to grow.  I had a lot of newborn outfits go to waste because my baby practically lived in these comfy and easy to work with gowns.  Easy and fast are two main concerns for me when you have a crying newborn on your hands.
  3. Baby shoes.
    Baby shoes are like newborn outfits.  You have no idea if they are going to fit.  Your baby won’t be walking anytime soon, so throw some socks on him/her!  A package of socks is way cheaper than a pair of shoes that won’t be worn.
  4. High priced, fancy gadgets.
    Like the Mamaroo.  Have you seen the cost of these things? No, I didn’t purchase one, but a few of my mom friends did and they regretted it.  Although, I’m sure it’s a miracle worker for some babies, it didn’t seem to soothe their baby at all.
  5. Crib/Bedding set.
    When I asked my best friend what she regretted buying for her newborn (she became a new mom in July also!), she said THE CRIB!  How many new parents do you know that come home from the hospital and their baby goes straight into the crib at night?  Probably not many.  Definitely not this mama!  Cribs are great for holding baby clothes you don’t have the time to hang up though.  Oh, and that bedding set you spent $100’s on… yep, probably not going to get any use out of it.  At two months old, my baby is starting to sleep in the pack n’ play right beside my bed.  I don’t see him going to the crib anytime soon.

What other items would you recommend new parents or gift buyers NOT to purchase for a newborn?
Tell me in the comments below!

The One MUST HAVE Item For Your Hospital Bag

Have you ever heard of that John Wayne toilet paper?

You know, the kind that don’t take crap off nobody?!  (ha, ha, ha…. ha.)

Well, that is what the hospital had waiting for me when I went in to have a baby.

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MUST HAVE item to pack in hospital bag no one tells you about

I made a quick mental note and decided the number ONE must have item that will go in my hospital bag from now until forever will be my own toilet paper.  My personal choice:  Cottonelle.

MUST HAVE item for hospital bagimage via

If you’re going to be stuck in the hospital for a few days, you might as well be comfortable, right?

What else should you pack in your hospital bag if you’re going in to have a baby?
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Cooper – 2 months

Oh baby Cooper!
TWO months!
14 lbs. – nearly 25 inches longCooper Depp - 2 monthsCoopy, you gained THREE pounds in a month!  Mama and Daddy are feeding you good!
Those chins sure are hard to clean in under. 🙂
All your baby hair fell out and it’s growing back in dark.
Your eyes are looking pretty dark, but still not sure what color they will be officially.
You love going to Ma’s (babysitter) house and spending the day with her and Colton.  That big smile you give them when you see them makes me feel so good when leaving you behind.
These overalls you have on (0/3 months) are from Kelly Jo and you were about to outgrow them so we had to get your picture in them.

Cooper Depp - 2 monthsGood thing you had taken about a 10 minute nap before we took these pictures.  You cooperated a littttttle bit!
Those little thumbs are still in your fists, but we’re working on it.  You are gripping tight with your right hand, but not as hard with your left.  You will get there!

Cooper Depp - 2 months

Your daddy looks at you like I’ve never seen him look at anything… besides a vehicle or 4wheeler he likes (haha, you will understand this one day).  You look at him just the same.  Just look at this picture ^^.
Keep growing boy!  We have lots of adventures in our future!