Mini Toddler Spring Break to Louisville Zoo

The first week of April we took a “mini toddler Spring Break” trip to the Louisville Zoo! Cooper loved it.  He kept pointing at all the animals.  It was pretty windy on the day we went and it was supposed to rain, so there was absolutely no crowd.  It was perfect!

Louisville ZooI was shocked to see the giraffe inside.  I thought for sure he would be outside roaming around.

Louisville Zoo

Louisville ZooThe tiger got super close to us!  She (I only know this because someone who worked there told us it was the female) came down to the glass window and peed on it right in front of us!

Louisville Zoo

Louisville ZooWe are so good at taking family photos of ourselves lol!

Louisville ZooThe orangutan’s were my favorite!  When they look at you, it’s like a real human looking back at you.  This one sit right next to the glass and the others were swinging on the branches and looking back at us to see if we were watching them.  It was so funny!

Louisville ZooThe Zoo exhausted this little dude.  He was asleep not even two miles down the road!

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