The One MUST HAVE Item For Your Hospital Bag

Have you ever heard of that John Wayne toilet paper?

You know, the kind that don’t take crap off nobody?!  (ha, ha, ha…. ha.)

Well, that is what the hospital had waiting for me when I went in to have a baby.

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MUST HAVE item to pack in hospital bag no one tells you about

I made a quick mental note and decided the number ONE must have item that will go in my hospital bag from now until forever will be my own toilet paper.  My personal choice:  Cottonelle.

MUST HAVE item for hospital bagimage via

If you’re going to be stuck in the hospital for a few days, you might as well be comfortable, right?

What else should you pack in your hospital bag if you’re going in to have a baby?
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    Ha! I guess I never payed attention to the TP at the hospital, but I did love the little personal spray bottle! What would I recommend? Food! If you deliver after the kitchen is closed, not many options. And you will be hungry! I stowed girl scout cookies in my bag! ate the whole box after delivery!


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