Cooper – 2 months

Oh baby Cooper!
TWO months!
14 lbs. – nearly 25 inches longCooper Depp - 2 monthsCoopy, you gained THREE pounds in a month!  Mama and Daddy are feeding you good!
Those chins sure are hard to clean in under. 🙂
All your baby hair fell out and it’s growing back in dark.
Your eyes are looking pretty dark, but still not sure what color they will be officially.
You love going to Ma’s (babysitter) house and spending the day with her and Colton.  That big smile you give them when you see them makes me feel so good when leaving you behind.
These overalls you have on (0/3 months) are from Kelly Jo and you were about to outgrow them so we had to get your picture in them.

Cooper Depp - 2 monthsGood thing you had taken about a 10 minute nap before we took these pictures.  You cooperated a littttttle bit!
Those little thumbs are still in your fists, but we’re working on it.  You are gripping tight with your right hand, but not as hard with your left.  You will get there!

Cooper Depp - 2 months

Your daddy looks at you like I’ve never seen him look at anything… besides a vehicle or 4wheeler he likes (haha, you will understand this one day).  You look at him just the same.  Just look at this picture ^^.
Keep growing boy!  We have lots of adventures in our future!


  1. Granny Barb says

    He is so cute and sweet. Your right on his daddy looking at him, like he looks at nothing else. It was love at first site ..


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