My Country Wedding Venue – Tompkinsville, KY

Country Wedding Venue Tompkinsville, KY

If there is one thing that I loved about my country wedding, it was the venue.  The Short Cabin is located in Tompkinsville, KY, just a few miles out of town.  It is so beautiful that there wasn’t much need for a ton of decorations.  My theme was country/rustic and this cabin was perfect!

With two bathrooms, a master bedroom, two loft bedrooms, kitchen/dining area, and living room, you could live here or make a mini vacation out of it.

Our reception was held at the cabin, but our ceremony was held at the huge pond on the property.  Since they have been renting the cabin, no one had had a ceremony at the pond.  We were bound and determined to be the first.

Country Wedding Venue Tompkinsville, KYa lil’ sneaky peek 🙂

A view from the cabin, looking toward the pond.

Country Wedding Venue Tompkinsville, KY

Be on the lookout for more wedding posts this month!  You will see more of the venue, my little bit of decor, and tons of snapshots from the day!

It’s like I’m reliving my day!


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