Toddler Sleepover With A DIY Fort

Friday night we had a little visitor over to stay all night with us!  We had big plans of hitting the town for some supper, shopping at Wal-Mart, and heading home to build a fort.  I mean, what is a toddler sleepover without a DIY fort?!

Toddler Sleepover with DIY fortCarter and me in front of the fort.

Carter LOVED the fort after he finished tearing it down about five times.  Ha!  He finally got the hang of crawling in under it and laying down to watch tv.

Toddler Sleepover with DIY Fort

About 8:30pm, all three of us were in under the fort and the Barney DVD was on repeat.  He asked for his mama a few times, but I kept brushing him off saying “oh, she will be here in a few.” until he finally conked out about 9:00pm.

Isn’t he just the most precious thing you ever did see?  🙂


When we woke up on Saturday, he was ready to go get some d-nuts (donuts).  His mama met us there and we all ate our d-nuts together.  I think Carter was pretty much in heaven.  All that was missing was his “ah” (Pa).


We had the best time with him!  He’s getting to the age now where we kinda know what he wants and he isn’t crying all the time.  I foresee lots of sleepovers in our future!





How we built our fort:  4 kitchen chairs with a fitted sheet over them and a broomstick handle holding up the front!  =D
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