DIY Apothecary Jar – For My Bathroom

**This post is part of my Operation: Decorate home in a frugal way.  Read more about it here.**
The other day I was reading Yahoo! News and came across an article talking about using sugar in your face wash at least once a week as an exfoliate for your skin.  Not many days after that, I read on Meg’s blog that epsom salt was used for the same thing and could even be used in your bath water as a stress reliever.
I knew I needed to try this out, plus it would be a great project for my bathroom decor!
I mean you can’t just sit a bag of sugar or a thing of epsom salt on your tub, right??
FYI, I couldn’t really come up with a good name for this.  It’s not really an apothecary jar because there’s no lid…. I don’t know.  I ask Mac what he thought I should call it and he said “uhh, a sugar bowl.” LOL!
He’s so creative.
DIY Apothecary Jar by
DIY Apothecary Jar by
The materials:
– Candle stick holder
{My Nanny gave me a sack of these things. Can be found at the Dollar Tree for $1.}
– Empty candle jar
{It was originally a Mainstays candle from Walmart}
– Glue gun
– Sugar or Epsom Salt
How to:
Step 1:  Put glue around the edge of the candle stick holder and stick candle jar on.
Get it on there fast before your hot glue dries.  Make sure it’s centered.
DIY Apothecary Jar by
DIY Apothecary Jar by
Step 2:  Add sugar or epsom salt and place by the tub for easy access!
I added a little 1/2 tsp spoon to mine.
DIY Apothecary Jar by
How easy, right?!
Epsom salt is going on my grocery list right now.
Can I get an amen for a stress reliever?! AMEN!
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Have a lovely week ya’ll!


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    Sorry for the delayed comment. Ive been digging out from the head cold sized hole I got myself in… SEGWAY… I totally used epsom salts like a million time when trying to treat me aforementioned head cold… BUT mine did NOT look as cute as yours do. Seriously I am doing this. I bet they even work better when they are in this cute jar!!!


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