I’m Frugal

Let me be honest here.
I’m more like cheap instead of frugal.
What’s wrong with me?!
Yesterday, I went shopping and my main goal was to come home with myself a pair of tall, brown riding boots and a few Christmas gifts.  I failed.  I found a pair of boots in JCPenney that I should have got, but I talked myself out of them because I thought for sure I’d find a cheaper pair at Kohls.  I sure did too!  And guess what? They didn’t have my size… or they only had them in black!  Talk about a sad girl coming home.
So the boots journey was a failure.  
What about those Christmas gifts I was to come home with?  
Yup, I came home with TWO!  Two people marked off my list.
Now I know that being frugal can be a good thing, but I’m to the point where I won’t purchase anything at full price.  I go straight to the clearance rack and if it’s over $5.00, I won’t buy it.  I was browsing the Old Navy clearance rack yesterday and found the cutest orange dress with a hole in the seam of the butt.  It had a tag on it for 50% off because of the hole, which would make it around $13.50.  I could have easily fixed that hole so I thought I had a prize!  I ask the manager if they’d take any more off the price because of the hole, but she turned me down.  Bummer!  I put that sucker back, but today I’m wishing I’d kicked my cheap self to the side and got it.
Anyone else out there who is like this?  Am I the only one suffering from cheapism?



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