Sudoku puzzles & crochet = My Perfect Night!

Am I the ONLY person in the world who does these for relaxation??!!  These Sudoku puzzles are my favorite thing to do at night.
Yes, I am weird! But a cool kinda weird =)

Now, on to showing off some crochet . . . This has been my *favorite* project so far!  I made this lil’ beanie for baby Emma Jo!  Right now it’s a bit too big for her, but eventually she will be rocking out in this hat!  She’s going to look so cute in camo. Hopefully we will get her picture on here soon with that beanie on {Take note Ashley!!!!!}

(Pattern credit: Crochet Spot)

I thought I’d end this post with a few pictures of mine . . . Hope you enjoy! 


L to R: Brittany, Cassie, Ashley, Emma Jo, & me

P.S.  THANKS to my NEWEST follower, Hali Brooke Estes!


  1. says

    i promise to make a pic of her in the hat soon.. she has wore it twice.. and yes she looks great in camo.. well she looks great in anything!! 🙂 haha..

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