New followers & New crochet items!!!

First things first,  I want to give a **LOUD** shoutout to my 3 new followers . . . MEGAN, KIM, & ASHLEY!!!  Ya’ll are awesome & don’t forget it!  =)   I hope to see lots more new followers in the future. 

So, how about some pictures of a few crochet items I have finished??  YEAH, you say? Well, here ya go!!

I made this “Earth Tones” beanie for my friend, Kelly Jo.  We haven’t got a picture of her wearing it yet, but I know she is loving it!  She even wore it to Family Court one day (we are Caseworkers, not criminals) lol! 

(Pattern credit: Art of Crochet by Teresa)

Next up, an earwarmer!  I wore this earwarmer on a fun day of 4-wheeling with my boyfriend, Mac, and my parents.  It kept my ears SO warm!  This was my mama’s first 4-wheeler ride too!!  Of course, daddy was grinning the ENTIRE time.

(Pattern credit: Easy headwarmer)

One more crochet item for today!
Check out this camo keychain!  I made myself one of these for my S10 key and I love it!  I need to make it in more colors, so look for that to come. 

(Pattern credit: The Crafty Tortoise)

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! 
Oh, and look what I have started…..

Wish me luck!!!  =)


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    Everything looks great! I like the color of the headwarmer. I love natural colors. Thanks for using my pattern and for the link back. How are you liking Zumba? I want to try it.

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