Mini Toddler Spring Break to Louisville Zoo

The first week of April we took a “mini toddler Spring Break” trip to the Louisville Zoo! Cooper loved it.  He kept pointing at all the animals.  It was pretty windy on the day we went and it was supposed to rain, so there was absolutely no crowd.  It was perfect!

Louisville ZooI was shocked to see the giraffe inside.  I thought for sure he would be outside roaming around.

Louisville Zoo

Louisville ZooThe tiger got super close to us!  She (I only know this because someone who worked there told us it was the female) came down to the glass window and peed on it right in front of us!

Louisville Zoo

Louisville ZooWe are so good at taking family photos of ourselves lol!

Louisville ZooThe orangutan’s were my favorite!  When they look at you, it’s like a real human looking back at you.  This one sit right next to the glass and the others were swinging on the branches and looking back at us to see if we were watching them.  It was so funny!

Louisville ZooThe Zoo exhausted this little dude.  He was asleep not even two miles down the road!

Swagbucks: How I Make Easy and Free Money Online

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Want to earn free, easy money online? One word: Swagbucks. Read more below to find out one easy way I make money online.

What is Swagbucks?

Earn easy money online
Swagbucks = free money! At least in my eyes.
It is an online rewards program where you earn points for using the search engine, answering a daily question, online shopping, and many other easy ways.  Once you have enough points, cash them in for free gift cards (aka money).

How to earn Swagbucks?

1) Use the Search Engine.  I login to Swagbucks daily and use it as my search engine all day.  In an 8 hour work day, I usually earn between 10-25 points.

2) Answer the Daily Question.  This only counts as 1 point, but it’s too easy not to do.  If you answer it every day for a month you will have an easy 30-31 points.

3) Shop online.  When I’m online shopping, I always check to see if I can earn SB from shopping.  For example, when I’m ordering pictures of my toddler (proud mom here!), I search for Shutterfly.  By clicking through to Shutterfly from SB website, I earn 8% cash back in Swagbucks!  It’s a win-win!

There are tons of other ways to earn.  These are just my top three.
You can also take surveys, watch videos, and plays games.

Is it easy to cash out your Swagbucks?

How to earn FREE giftcards
Totally easy!  Once you have earned the amount of Swagbucks you need for the gift card you want, simply go to the Rewards tab.  There are different kinds of rewards, but the gift cards are my favorite!  Scroll down to Denominations and choose what amount gift card you would like.  A $5 Amazon gift card = 500 points .. hello $5 off diapers! 🙂

How to sign up?

Click over to and enter your email address and choose a password!  You can also sign in through your Facebook account.

My personal experience.

This is my account as of 4/01/2017.

How I earn free easy money through Swagbucks
I’ve been a member since 2012.
I save my SB all year and cash out at the end of October to buy Christmas gifts.
In 2016, I chose a TJ Maxx gift card and knocked out nearly all of my Christmas list.
This is the easiest way to earn extra cash online.

How can you say no to free and easy money?! 

Make Money Online with Swagbucks

Toddler Mode

Happy New Year!

Hi, hello, how are you?  I know it’s been a while since I’ve wrote on my little space of the internet and this year I hope to show up here a lot more. 🙂

So, a quick life update: we are in full blown TODDLER mode!


one year photo by Samantha Isenberg Photography

We blinked and this wild and crazy one year old showed up.  Every day is a new adventure around here.

Cooper has no fear these days.  He’s currently into styrofoam sword fighting and shooting guns.  Uh, toy guns.  I have no doubt in my mind that this little boy is going to cause me lots of gray hairs!

Which leads me to the KidzStuff First Aid Kit.

KidzStuff First Aid Kit

I was so excited when I was offered a chance to review the KidzStuff First Aid Kit!  The first thing that came to my mind was “yup, I’m going to be needing this!”

The KidzStuff First Aid Kit is a 94 piece kit that was designed perfectly by pediatricians.  As we were looking through it, Mac couldn’t quit talking about all the cool stuff in it.  Bandages, burn cream, sting relief wipes… the list goes on!  Those sting relief wipes will be so handy this summer because I’m sure we will have a barefooted boy out running in the grass.

Not only is it filled with the best of the best, it’s the most convenient size.  It’s easy to carry and would fit in your diaper bag or maybe even the glove compartment of your vehicle.  And it’s not just for toddler’s, it’s for all ages!

The awesome people from KidzStuff are currently offering a 20% off coupon code: blogab
20% off coupon code valid for the purchase of a first aid kit. Offer expires on March 31, 2017.

KidzStuff First Aid Kit

Click on over and check KidzStuff out:  Instagram and Facebook

I was given this free product and this is my honest opinion.